Web: How to verify a master domain

First you need to retrieve the domain name from the application settings page in the "Master domain name" field.


Then copy the master domain name and create the url by adding https: // at the start of the domain, and / ping at the end.

ex: https://acc-by.accengage.net/ping


If the master domain name is active, this result is observed when the url is accessed from a browser


We see a result in JSON format containing:


ping: The server responds “pong”

host: The server sends us back the master domain name (here acc-by.accengage.net as used in our example)

hostname: The push web server                              


If at this step you have the same result, it means that the master domain name is active.



Invalid master domain:


In the case of an invalid domain name, we get an error page like this:



Or this one:


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