Web: Pop-up scenario none

The scenario none in the push web application configuration allows you to set a specific rule to trigger : 

  • the show alert
  • native push browser's permission
  • landing page 
  • or a custom HTML element after a user's connection, or purchase for example


Also, if nothing is configured on your own in the HTML page to trigger to opt-in process, the user can not be op-tin.


In order to set the scenario to none, you'll need to go to Settings > Manage Application.

 Then click on the edit icon on the right.



In the edit page, you will have the JSON of the plugins configuration. You will be able to find the "scenario" attribute that you can change either into "scenario": "none", or "scenario": "showAlert".



There are 3 different ways to trigger the op-tin process :




Finally, you can choose to create your own scenario with custom buttons, alerts, icons etc. 


For example, you can add a bell icon at the bottom of your page that executes the push:RequestBrowserPermission to display the native push browser's permission. 


For visual demo's on the different scenarios, please visit the following documentation section by clicking here.


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