iOS: Firebase notifications for the iOS Channel

Please note that the following steps are required for apps implementing the SDK versions under 6.4.4.

Applications containing versions above have no requirements, in order to use both providers.


When sending notifications to your iOS users, providers such as Accengage, need to send requests to the Apple push notification service (APNS) in order to deliver those latter.


Every provider needs to run their solution through APNS.


Firebase is a provider that proposes special services. It indeed provides with an interface allowing to send notifications to either your Android or your iOS users.


When sending notifications to your Android users, they use their own services called FCM/GCM.

Those services generate tokens compliant for every Android and/or Web notification channel.


If you require to send notifications to your iOS customers from Firebase, please note that the service has to send requests to APNS, which is mandatory for iOS deliveries.



Using Firebase notifications and Accengage's simultaneously within your app is possible by proceeding with the steps below.


It will required to implement both SDKs into your app and unable the automatic integrations.

For more information, we would recommend to visit the following documentations :


- Accengage manual integration

- Firebase manual integration


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