Why my segment / static list volume shows 0 ?

After adding criteria to your segment or inserting users into your static list, you're seeing a profile volume at 0.

This volume is based on an estimation. Therefore, if the segment/list contains a few profiles, the displayed volume could tend to 0.


Important points : 

  • For static list with an important volume, the inserting process could take a few minutes before showing the final volume. 
  • Static list volume is not automatically refreshed after inserting users (API). Make sure to manually update the volume by clicking on the refresh button.
  • Real segment with behavioral targeting or event criteria can not be exported and "Search" button is not available either. Contact us if you need information regarding this type of segment.
  • Search feature is only available in segments for "DeviceId" and other indexed fields.


Case Sensitive values:

  • Values for criteria are case sensitive. Make sure to write the value by respecting all lower and upper cases. Otherwise this could lead to a segment without any profiles even if the raw value seems correct.
  • Don't hesitate to check the right value for a field by exporting the database or checking through our test tools.


Here are some tips to ensure your segment is populated.


1. Make sure that deviceID/CustomerId exists:


If you're using a test segment, please make sure that your deviceID/CustomerID exists using our Test Tools  :

Tutorial : How To Use Our Test Tools On Our Dashboard?


If you are able to find your profile, this means that the segment will be well populated.


Otherwise, please launch a search directly from the segment configuration. 

If devices appear, this means the segment is populated: 


Real/Test segment (only available for deviceID/CustomerID field):


If you're not able to find any profile, please check the next point.


2. Export your segment/list through CSV file:


This method will ensure you that your segment/list is populated or not.


Directly from the segment/list page, you will be able to export within CSV file, all your segments/lists:



After clicking on the related button, you'll receive an email informing you the file is ready to be downloaded.

Then, go to "Targeting" menu, "Export Targets" section and find your export:



The file contains all the profiles in your segment at the moment you exported it. If the file is not empty, that means your segment volume is different from 0.


Therefore, you will be able to send your message using this segment/static list even if this show 0.


In the case where you file is still empty and you think it should not, please contact our support through this form.



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