How to set the app notification settings link for your re-opt-in campaign

We highly suggest making re-optin campaign for your opt-out users in order to be able to reach larger audience with your push notifications.


For doing that, you can use the in-app features by asking them to go in the application notifications settings.

If you need more information about the in-app feature, don't hesitate to check our documentation and feel free to contact your account manager if you need some recommendations for your in-app campaigns.


After creating your in-app campaign, you'll be able to set the application notifications settings link. This will redirect the user to the page where the notifications can be enabled or disabled for your application. This page is usually located in the device settings -> Applications -> Notifications settings.


Each OS has its own way to make this redirection:



You just have to set this action-to-click (URL Scheme): app-settings://




Your developers will have to create the link that redirect to the application notifications settings.

This will require to create a specific intent and a specific scheme that redirects to the requested page.

If you need more information about deeplinking, check our documentation.


Once your deeplink is created, you'll be able to set it like this:



If everything has been correctly setup on application side, you'll be redirected to the application notifications settings page.



Please feel free to reach out to our Support team if you have any additional questions.


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