Best Practice: using custom fields and events in the same scheduled alarm

Accengage offers you the possibility to personalize the content of your messages, if you are using personalized criteria in the content of your scheduled alarms, which is triggered by an event. 

Here is a concrete example, you can create a scheduled alarm to encourage users to realize a purchase. When a user will add an item to its cart, he will receive a notification with the name of the product to help him finalize the purchase process.

In the scheduled alarm settings, you'll need to realize the action below : 

  1. The action the user has to realize (in the example above "cart") is tagged as an event 
  2. The field ("last_added_product_name" in the example) is tagged as an update device info, and will be used as a personalized field in the message. 

We recommend adding a delay of at least 15 seconds in your integration between the method updateDeviceInfo (calling the custom field) and the method trackEvent (calling the event).  

This action needs to be realized by our technical team.

Adding this delay will ensure that the custom field has rolled up when triggering the alarm and will therefore be correctly displayed in the notification.

Then, you can make sure the personalized field will be the correct one. 

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