Tutorial: How to add a custom language dictionary

By default, the sending of multilingual messages is based on the phone language used by the mobile user. This information is automatically transmitted to us by our solution to qualify your mobile users. On this basis, the multilingual messages you configured are transmitted to clients in the language of their device. However, you have the possibility to use if wished, the languages of your application as basic criteria for your next multilingual sendings.


To do this, follow the steps below:

1. Preparing an excel file (.csv) with the languages of your application in the format below. 

It will correspond to the languages dictionary of your application:



  • ISO Code:  You can find this information here (Alpha-2 Code column)
  • Language Value: The value of the language sent by your application to our SDK for the custom language field (see below). We will use this value for sending the multilingual message to the user.
  • Language Label: The value of the language when creating your message in our interface.

    Here is an example file: Download

  2. Add a new field in the database for your new language dictionary

3. Then go to Settings > Advanced settings > Category Language field settings (at the bottom of page )

4. Select from the dropdown list the field name you added and import your csv file

5. After downloading, specify the correspondence of different fields and reconfirm the import file

6. A modal will appear to confirm the successful integration of the new dictionary in the database. The new multilingual sendings can, therefore, be based on this dictionary.

7. Of course, you can always return to the default setting "Language" to use the language of the mobile phone by changing the value in the dropdown menu.



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