Manage deeplinking from buttons inside in-apps

This article can be used to enable one or more click areas inside an interstitial or a banner to perform a deeplink to page of the app. 

iOS Note: In order to be called from a Webview, since iOS 9 the url scheme need to be whitelisted in the code of the app.

This article will explain the code you need to use in order to generate the 'Close' of the in-app after the button is being clicked.

Inside your html code, you need to input the two following codes:

  • Insert the below code inside the <p> object of the button(s) generating the deeplink.
<p onclick="closeWebView()" >

  • Insert the below Javascript before the last </div> object of the page
<script type="text/javascript">
function closeWebView(){window.location = ""}

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