Web: Track geolocation data in Accengage

Our Snippet is not able to automatically track the geolocation data of Web users that accept to share their location data.


But it you ask this permission on your website, you can sent the location coordinate of the users to Accengage using our UpdateDeviceInfo method.

The fields to update are :

'lon' : longitude (eg: 2.3340766)

'lat' : latitude (eg: 48.8665157)

'geolocationCreated' : date of the tracking (eg: 2018-03-26T09:06:47.000Z)


Here is an example of the tag:

"lat": 48.8665157,
"lon": 2.3340766,
"geolocationCreated": "2018-03-26T09:06:47.000Z"


Once implemented, you'll be able to use these data for segmentation purposes. Please not that only the latest location will be saved.


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