Web: Generate/retrieve a Google API Key & a Sender Id

1- Generate a Google API Key & a Sender Id on the FireBase

In order to send push notifications on Chrome, it is necessary to declare a Google API Key and a Sender Id on our dashboard. 

- If you already have a Android application, you can use the same Ids, we explain how to retrieve them on step 2.

- If you don't have an Android app, you can create a new project.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to the Firebase dashboard (you will need a gmail account).

  • Create a new Project

  • Access Notifcations and create an Android app

  • enter your Website name (the Android package name must start by 'com.' and end by '.net')

  • Press 'Register APP' and then continue until the popup closes.

  • Go In 'Project Settings' and Select 'Cloud Messaging' and select the Server key (Google API Key) and the Sender ID.

2- Recover the Google API Key on Firebase

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