Android: Import Android token history requirements

If you already used to send push notifications before integrating the Accengage SDK, you may want to import the history of push tokens in order to reach your existing app owners with Accengage messages even if they did not update/open the app having our SDK integrated yet.

In order to make sure your token base will be compatible with our solution, it's important to check the following points :

1- Continuity of your Sender ID

On Android, the push token (mandatory information to deliver a push notification on Android devices) is linked to the Sender ID & the Google API Key of your Project. Changing your Sender ID means that the previous tokens will no longer be valid. In that case, if the user re-open the app a new token will get generated.

In order to make sure that your app owners will not get a new token generated after integrating the Accengage SDK, you need to check if your previous push solution manages the Sender ID itself. It can happen that if you stop using this solution you may need to generate a new Sender ID. If it's the case, Import your Token base is useless because these won't be valid once the user update their apps and there will be no possible matching with the Accengage device profiles.

2- Push notifications display

On Android, it is the app itself that manages the push notification display. This is why each solution will use its own parameter in the push notification payload that will be handled by the app and manage the push notification on the user device.

If you create and send push notifications from the Accengage dashboard, this is the Accengage payload that will be sent on the device. It will automatically manage the push display for the apps that have been updated with our SDK, but for the other devices you will need to ensure that the previous notification handler will also understand and read the payload.

Depending on how your push notifications were managed previously, it may be possible to attach Custom parameters that would reflect the expected push parameters of your previous provider. This would ensure the display of the notification for all your app owners.

In order to check this compatibility, please request the full push notification payload of your previous solution and send it to us. Note that it can also be tracked using the Android Studio logs. Once you have the payload, you can send it to your Accengage contact or our technical support and we will get back to with our feedback.

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