Android: I do not receive push notifications. What could be the causes?

If you do not receive push notifications or if the sending summary show 0 push sent, it is important to verify several points which can help you to understand and solve quickly the point on your side.

1. Ensure that your segment and device ID are compliant

Regarding the segment, it is possible that the added criteria have not been saved. In this case, the segment is empty because he doesn't contain criteria. Using it as a sending target is comparative as sending the push to 0 user. When you create a segment, it is necessary to click first on "add criterion" and then "save segment".

Verify that your segment has 1 profile and 1 opt-in profile.

If your segment is correctly complete, you need to verify that it include your correct IDFV.

You can check this by looking at the last open date (see below). If it is not the right one, you have to update your device ID.

To test a push, only a segment with the device id or an indexed field as criteria can be used.

This is how you can recover your device ID:
Android : How to recover your device ID?

2. Check that you have valid device profile in your segment and which is the one linked to a token and have a feedback counter lower than 3. The current system optin status is also visible in the 'system optin notif' field.

Check your profile on the Accengage platform via Test Tools

3. Check the uploaded GCM/FCM Key in the platform.

The key has to be set up as "server key" and should have no IP filters. 

Here is our guide to check your Google API Key.

4. Check your connection and test with several wifi networks and in 3G/4G. We also notice that wome Corporate Wifi have restrictions that can affect the push reception.

5. Check your sending summary

You can check that our service has successfully sent the message to Google's servers directly from the message (see below).

If the sending summary is equal to zero, please check points 1 and 2 (device ID & Token).

If the sending summary is not equal to zero, the message has been successfully sent. Please check point 4 and 5. If the certificate status is not rejected, it means that the key is not well set up or is not equal to the right sender ID.

6. Check the App credentials status

If it shown wrong or missing credentials, please check your API Key & Sender Id.


7. Check the marketing pressure

If you send your final push notifications none of them are received, please check the marketing pressure. 

In some cases, the quota for push notifications might have been reached, which would explain why you do not receive the push notification.

8. Check the push configuration

If you do not receive a push notification, check the configuration of your push message. Be careful to make sure, if you’re in the open application, to “show the notification”.

If this answer doesn't solve the encountered issue, don't hesitate to reach out to our support via this form.

9. Check the setOptin data method

We provide you with a method allowing your app to be GDPR compliant.

If you have this method implemented, an invalid integration may generate the non-display of notification when your app is killed (fully closed).

This case occurs if the setOptin Data method is triggered too late at your app launch.

At push receptions, the SDK gets started, though the optinData = True information of your user is not yet transferred preventing the display of the sent push.

Please check that the following method is set at the very beginning of your app launch :

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