How can I divide my user base using the Random ID?

Why divide his audience? 


Dividing your database when you are sending a push or campaign allows several things :

- Test the performance of different messages

- Spread out yours sendings


You will find below the different methods available via our interface to realize these actions.


Use of random ID


The Random Id is an 8 figures decimal between 0 and 100 randomly attributed between all the profiles in the Database.

The random Id is unique and permanent per user. The profiles are equally divided between 0 and 100. This field can be used to perform AB testing.

You have the possibility to separate your users into two or more groups. Let's take for example a segmentation that divides your database into two equal segments. In our first segment, we will have a segmentation between 0 and 51. In the second we will have a segmentation between 50 and 101. We indicated 51 and 101 because the last value is excluded of the segmentation. It means the last value take into account will be 50 and 100. 



Segment 1


Segment 2




The random ID is really precious in order to put in place an AB testing campaign. If you're interested in AB testing, you could in this article the process to follow in order to set up a successful AB testing campaign. 



Please feel free to reach out to our Support team if you have any additional questions.




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