How to set an AB testing campaign ?

The AB testing allows you to send different message versions at multiple segments or samples. In this article, you could find the detailed process to set up a successful AB testing campaign. 





AB testing is different from split testing. The split-test push allows you to send messages to a sample of your final sending segments. If you’re interested in split testing, you could find more information in our user guide



Create a segment based on the random ID


The first step is to set up your segmentation. You have to create two or segments, based on the random ID. The random ID allows you to divide simply your database. In order to create an efficient segmentation, you could find more information regarding the article "How can I divide my user base using the Random ID?" 


As soon as you have your segments, you could proceed to the next step. 



Create a campaign


Creating a campaign allows you to gather the performance of your messages. 

You can create a campaign from the "push notification message and campaign management" web page. This page is accessible in Actions > Push Notifications > New Campaign.




Create push notifications


You have to create as many push notifications as you have segments. For our example, we have two segments, A and B. The segment A contains users who have a random ID between 0 and 51. The segment B contains users who have a random ID between 51 and 100.


In the message configuration, for each message, you have to associate them with the previously created campaign. Then you could set up each message according to your needs. In the target, please you have only one segment per message. 





Performance reporting


By default, your push performances are displayed by messages. As you have created several messages, each performance will be described in detail per message. 




If you want to view all the statistics for your messages, you will have to change the statistics display. In the statistics configuration panel, you should select "Campaigns". 





Then you will have the global performance of your AB testing campaign. 



Please feel free to contact our Support team if you have any additional questions. 




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