Android : Why do I have a blank token field ?

In some scenarios it can happen that the token field is empty.

When you send a push, in order to receive it, it is essential for a profile to have a token. If the field is empty the notification will not be received. 

Indeed, the token is an identifier which stock data numbers for the notifications. For instance, equivalent to the e-mail, he is the key that allows the messages broadcast to mobile users.

You will find below the cases where the token field can be blank and what to check in order to resolve this behavior :

1. Is the method related to the recovery of the token properly integrated?

It can happen that the method to recover the token is not correctly integrated.

In order to check this point you will find information in our technical documenation.


2. Is the token sent at every opening?

In some cases it can happen that even if the method above is integrated, the token is not sent to each opening of your app.

In order to check this issue you can verify the point with your deviceID via our Test Tool.

If this one is not present at each opening, please check again the integration of the method in our technical documentation.

During your tests we also recommend checking the quality of your connection.

Indeed, it can affect the sending of data.

If the point persists, we invite you to reach out to our technical support.

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