Android: How to avoid a double splashscreen display with a rich push?

Sometimes it can happen that a double splashscreen is displayed during the sending of a rich push parameters with a URL Scheme as a deeplink.

Please find below the technical solutions to solve the point : 

  • The URL Schemes (intent-filter) are managed by your SplahScreen
  • The SplashScreen needs to integrate the SDK (since our 4.0.0 SDK version, it is automatic)
  • Lock only the in-apps display on your SplashScreen (in the method onCreate) :
  • Your SplashScreen needs to detect that it is launched by a push Accengage.

In the method onResume(), you can use this code for instance :

Bundle bundle = getIntent().getExtras();

  • We recover the Payload in case if you would treat custom params at this level.
Bundle payload = bundle.getBundle(Constants.EXTRA_GCM_PAYLOAD);
if(payload == null) {
  • Your SplashScreen has to be in lauchMode singleTask or singleTop.
    Do not launch it again during the launching of the URL Scheme by the SDK.
  • Unlock in-apps messages on the destination activity.


If this answer does not solve the encountered issue, don't hesitate to contact our support via this form.



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