Android: How to manage the icon display into a push notification?

On Android, there are several ways to select the icon for a push notification. 


First of all, there are three types of icons on Android with Accengage:


1. The first one is the default "ic_launcher" icon.

This icon is defined at the beginning of the app creation. 

The logic is that the default icon is sent into a push notification, from Android 2.3 to 5.1.

However, from Android 4.4, Google has changed its criteria for the icon.

Indeed, the OS implements a filter (white color) on the icon.

The problem that you can encounter is that the icon has no transparency, which means that when a notification appears, the icon is not displayed. (cf. below)


2. In order to get around this change from Android 4.4, you have to make a change into your Android Manifest.

The icon has to be with white color and transparency.

Please have a look to our documentation: Android Manifest changes

After that, when you send a push:
--> users under Android 4.4 will receive the icon number 1
--> users above 4.4 will receive the second icon


3. The third one is the icon that you could add in a push message on the dashboard.


Finally, the third point will be taking in priority even if the first and the second point are integrated.

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