iOS: How to make a deeplink for a path in a mapping application?

If you want to use a deeplink referring to a pre-selected path in a mapping application, here are the different URL to use:

- Maps (only available on a geofence trigger):{deviceLat},#{deviceLong}&daddr=#{targetLat},#{targetLong}

- Google maps (for ones who have the application):

  • Address : comgooglemaps://?daddr=Accengage,+31+rue+du+quatre+septembre,+Paris
  • GPS coordinates: comgooglemaps://?daddr=latitude,longitude

You will have to choose the action URL scheme for in-app or browser for push.

Note that when you use spaces in your URL, you have to replace them by "+".

You can also refer to the Official Apple documentation explaining the native deeplinks in more details.

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