iOS: My device ID does not appear in the Accengage ACCinfos app on iOS 9 & 10

Since iOS 9, Apple secured the communication between two separate applications. In order to allow our ACCinfos app to retrieve the device ID, the application needs to allow the following steps during the SDK integration :

  1. You need to manage ATS exceptions in your Info.plist

  2. The URL scheme 'bma4sreceiver' needs to be Whitelisted in the app Info.plist

You'll find all the information about this topic in our technical documentation.


This process allows our info App to connect to our SDK and track the device information related to Accengage.


Note that this activation is mandatory if Accengage needs to test the integration. We strongly recommend it in general in order to allow our technical team to properly investigate in case of unexpected behavior.


This process will require you to get in touch with your technical team.

A new Store submission will be required.


Then, how do I get my device ID if I don't have this integration?


By the time your technical team implements the integration above, we recommend proceeding with the workaround below.

You will be able to get your device ID : 


Please note that this process is only available for the iOS platform!


1 - Go into the device's settings

2 - Click on General > Language and region

3 - Click on Region

4 - Choose an uncommon region (example: Wallis-and-Futuna)

5 - Uninstall your Live app from your device

6 - Reinstall the Live app and open it

7 - From our UI, Create a campaign segment

8 - Select the criteria "Country code"

9 - Register the country code of the region set up on your device (for Wallis-et-Futuna => WF)

10 - Select the criteria "language" and register the language code of your device (for English => EN)

11 - Select the criteria "install date" less than 15 minutes

12 - Save your segment and click on the export icon (from the segment list)

13 - Go to the targeting tab > Export targets 

14 - Export your CSV file


Your device ID should be the only one in the CSV file.


If this answer does not solve the encountered issue, don't hesitate to contact our support via this form.

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