iOS: How to recover your Device ID (IDFV) on iOS?

The Device Id is our unique identifier, it allows you to identify for sure the Accengage device profile that represent your own device. For test segments it is recommended to use this data as criterion. It is also necessary to get your device information from our Test Tools.


You will find below the methodology in order to recover you Device ID (IDFV) on iOS :

  • Download the ACCinfos application by using the link or scanning the QR code below :




If your device is using iOS 9 or more, you will have to follow this first step :

  • Go to Settings > General > Device Management 

or Setting > General > Device Management (iOS11). You will have to approve the application.

This is a new feature since iOS 9, which increases the level of security on enterprise distribution applications.

  • Then, open ACCinfos application and minimize it.

  • Open your application and let loading. Once you are in the homepage, Switch once again on the ACCinfos application.

  • You can recover your Device ID on the line IDFV


This is the illustrative video :


It is necessary to open your application on your device and not Demo (which correspond to the Accengage app demo)





From iOS 9, if no information appear on our app (ACCInfos), it means that the integration lines do not have been integrated on your app.

To fix this point, you need to integrate some lines of code. Please find our technical documentation about this point: Recover the SDK data from iOS 9

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