iOS: My URL scheme does not work. What could be the causes?

Since iOS 8 in order to be called from external resources the URL schemes need to be whitelisted in the app. If your URL scheme works with push notifications but not on inapp campaigns it could be that the Whitelist has not been done.


Here are the steps to follow, you can also refer to our technical documentation here 

1. You have to declare your URL scheme of your application.


For example, the URL scheme is accengage://home, so you have to declare 'accengage'.

To check if it is well declared, you can simply send your URL scheme via Safari:

- If the app opens, it means that the URL scheme is correctly declared.

- Otherwise, it means that the URL scheme is not stated in your application.


2. You need to add your URL schemes in the whitelist.

Since iOS 9, Apple has implemented additional security to prevent anyone to explore the applications that a user has installed on his device. Therefore, it is now mandatory to report on the whitelist URL scheme used for its implementation.


3. You need to handle the URL scheme interpretation in your application. (deeplink, browsing, action, etc)

Indeed, when we send a push with an action as URL schema, we transfer this information to the system. Then, your system transfers the information to your application. 

If these 3 criteria are not followed, the URL scheme will be ignored.

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