IOS: I do not receive push notifications. What could be the causes?

If you don't receive push notifications on your device, you can check the following points:


1. Make sure your Device ID exist in our database. 

Important: If you have uninstalled and reinstalled your app, your Device ID and/or your Token can change.


You can check your device ID by looking at the last open date of your app (see screenshot below), if it doesn't match, it means your device ID probably changed.


Here is the method to recover your device : IOS: How To Recover Your Device ID On IOS


Please also make sure your segment is correctly targeting your device. For testing purposes, we recommend to target your device ID in your segment. You can also check the number of profiles found for the segment.


2. Check if your Device is eligible to Push notifications

You can check the following fields in our database by either using our Test Tools or export your device profile.

Token: If there is no Token attached to your device profile, you cannot receive push notifications.

Optin Status: You can check the field 'system_push_optin', if its value is 'N' check if the push are correctly activated for the app.

Feedback field: If the value of the field 'bounce' equals 3 or more, we consider this device profile as uninstalled and we will not target him anymore.


3. Check your connection, by testing with several wireless networks and 3G / 4G. 

If you are using a Wifi connection, it may happen that the Networks blocks some communication. This can block the push notifications reception.


4. Check the uploaded push certificate for your app (SETTINGS > MANAGE APPLICATIONS)

If the certificate status is "Invalid password", it means that the password registered on the dashboard is not the good one. You have to change it.


If the certificate status is "Connection rejected by iOS gateway", it means that the uploaded certificate is not valid, you have to re-generate it.


The certificate status could also be "Multiple Certificate", it means that the uploaded certificate contains two certificates instead of one.

Here is a link explaining the steps to follow : Multiple Certificates


If this status appears, please verify that the expiration date is not passed, otherwise, you will have to generate a new certificate and upload it on the Accengage dashboard.

In order to have a valid certificate, you should see a green dot as a validation.



If you already have this green dot and you do not receive push, it could be caused by different factors: 

        - Check that the development certificate box is checked if the certificate is used for dev environment.


If you are not using a dev environment, this box should not be checked.


        - Also check that the certificate bundle id matches with the app bundle id on which you make your tests. 

        - Verify that the uploaded certificate is well a push production certificate.

        - Then, verify that the certificate provisioning profile is well linked to the app provisioning profile.


5. Check the sending summary 

You can check the sending summary of the message, it shows the number of notifications we delivered to Apple.


If the sending log shows zero, please check that your segment is actually targeting devices. For your information we target all the device profiles having a token and having the 'bounce' field value < 3.

If the sending log is different from zero, the message has well been sent. As a consequence, please check point 4. 


6. Check the sending environment


Make sure the environment in which you perform your tests on Accengage interface is the good one (DEV / LIVE).


7. Check the marketing pressure


When you send push and no push is received, check the marketing pressure (SETTINGS > SETTINGS > MARKETING PRESSURE AND DISPLAY DELAY)


In some cases, the sending quota may have already been reached, that could explain why you didn't receive any push notification.


Please note that as soon as you send your real campaign, your test message will be taken into account in the marketing pressure.


In order to receive all real sendouts without test messages to be taken into account in the pressure, we recommend to create your message and only send your test messages to your test segment.


Then, duplicate this message and use the Schedule feature to send the real campaign to your real segment.



8. Check the push parameters


In the messages parameters, we have an option to display or not the push notification "If app is already in the foreground".Please make sure you allow this display if testing while the app is opened.


9. Check the provisionning profile


The provisionning profile must contain the APNS information. If the provisionning profile has been created before the push certificate, you have to re-create the profile.


10. Check the setOptin data method


We provide you with a method allowing your app to be GDPR compliant.

If you have this method implemented, an invalid integration may generate the non-display of notification when your app is killed (fully closed).


This case occurs if the setOptin Data method is triggered too late at your app launch.

At push receptions, the SDK gets started, though the optinData = True information of your user is not yet transferred preventing the display of the sent push.


Please check that the following method is set at the very beginning of your app launch.


Please feel free to reach out to our Support team if you have any additional questions.

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