Web: Why is my optin rate on mobile web decreasing ?

If you are in a position of noticing a decrease of your web optin users and an increase of bounced users, we would recommend to keep on reading the indications below.


Most of the time, this case occurs for mobile web users.

In order to check this point, please go on our UI to the Targeting tab > Search > Add criterion


Inform the following criterion : 

- "Device platform" equals to "mobile"

- "Feedback / Bounce" different from "0"


If you notice a high volume of users, we would recommend checking the integration of our web SDK in your mobile website.

Sometimes the integration is different from the Desktop website.


Make sure that all the indications mentioned in our documentation are implemented compliantly.




If the first point is compliant, we would recommend checking your segmentation.

You might be in one of the two following positions : 


A - You have a web push integration and a native app push integration

If you are in that case, we would recommend segmenting your mobile users from your desktop users.

Once those segments created, prioritize your web notifications to your Desktop users.


Web mobile users may have the app as well. 

Those latter may have double notifications encouraging them to get optout


Please note that when receiving mobile web push, users have the possibility to get optout in 3 clicks.

For more information go to the 3rd point.


B - You only have a web push integration : 

In this case, as mentioned in point A, create cohorts with your Desktop and Mobile users.

We would, then, recommend implementing a Marketing pressure.


This feature will set up a limit of notifications received by your users for a specified period of time.

For more information, please visit the following section of our User guide.



From Android 8, users have the possibility to manage their optin state directly on notifications.

By clicking on "Site settings" below the notification, you get redirected to Mobile Google Chrome settings



Users have 2 possibilities to get optout :

  • By clicking on "notifications", they will be redirected to the Google notifications management section.
  • By unticking the notification permission, the browser will set them as optout 



The second way and the most frequent, is by clicking on "Clear & reset".

This button will clear all the website's information.


They will then be considered as optout.


This process will generate a bounce at the following notification sendout.


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