iOS: Rating and review the application since IOS 10.3

Apple has made changes from iOS 10.3 regarding rating campaigns.

Since iOS 10.3, Apple offers an API to developers that allows them to use a dedicated pop-up (see above) where users can rate directly from the message without returning to the App Store.


Apple limits the display of this pop-up to three times a year per user, per application, in order to ensure not to disturb the users in the navigation.


From iOS 11, Apple requires developers to use this API for rating campaigns.

Any application that uses a custom pop-up that does not rely on Apple's API will have the functionality disabled.


Also, Apple does not make callbacks or other methods available to find out how the user reacted to this pop-up. 

In addition, the user can decide in the settings of his device whether the applications can ask him to rate them. 


In order to use this feature with our Accengage SDK the integration of a specific URL is necessary. 

You will find below a link to our technical documentation regarding this topic.

Following the implementation of this URL, the use of a URL Scheme InApp as a message format is required to activate your campaign. (cf : screenshot) 


Using an in-app allows you to keep your rating campaign active.

In order to optimize the display of this message, we recommend applying a high capping in your in-app programming.


Don't forget also to complete the Minimum delay between displays. For this use case, a delay of 30 seconds can be used. (cf : screenshot) 


In fact, as mentioned above, the display of the rating pop-up is managed directly by Apple (maximum of 3 times a year, for one user per application). Therefore, we don't manage this on Accengage side. 




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