iOS : Low or non-click rate for push notifications, what could be the causes ?

If you are noticing a drop in clicks on push notifications or a number of reactions close to 0, it is important to verify several points which can help you understand and solve quickly the point on your side.

This article is divided into three sections, the first two points can be checked by your marketing team while the third and last point needs to be checked by your technical team.




1. Check the Accengage statistics

We recommend waiting at least 6 hours after sending a push to ensure the majority of the data is reported. After this delay, if the reaction rate is still very low or equal to 0, you can check the following points.


Check in the Accengage statistics in order to identify the date of the decrease to see if it coincides with an update of your app.

Once you have identified the drop date, you'll need to check if the reaction are rolling up on our platform by testing the push.



2. Test the push and check the reaction

Test the push in the 3 scenarios (killed, minimized and opened app) on your current version of your app as well as the version before the app upgrade.

Once you receive the push, click on it and check that the data rolls up in the test tool for all scenarios : 


If the data don't roll up as above for the old version but do on the current version, I recommend setting up an incentive campaign via InApp for your users to update the app.


If the data don't roll up as above for the current version, please check the integration of our SDK. 





3. Check the integration

1. Automatic integration:

Low or non-click rate can be observed with an automatic integration in one case : if you are using the version 6.4.4 or lower of our SDK and are doing a dual integration with Firebase. 

In that case, we recommend updating the SDK version of you app for our latest version



2. Manual integration:

If you are using a manual integration, you'll need to check that the following points are correctly set up in the code of your app : 


  • Ensure the automatic integration is properly disabled 
  config.automaticPushDelegateEnabled = NO;


  • Make sure that the UNUserNotificationCenter delegate is set to
[UNUserNotificationCenter currentNotificationCenter].delegate = self;


You'll find all the info on handling push delegate callbacks manually in our technical documentation.


If this answer doesn't solve the encountered issue, feel free to reach out to our support via this form.



We provide you with a method allowing your app to be GDPR compliant.


If you have this method implemented, an invalid integration may generate the low clicks of notifications when your app is killed (fully closed).


This case occurs if the setOptin Data method is triggered too late at your app launch.


At push receptions, the SDK gets started, though the optinData = True information of your user is not yet transferred preventing the push click tracking.



Please check that the following method is set at the very beginning of your app launch :


If those answers don't solve the encountered issue, feel free to reach out to our support via this form.




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