Why my message have a high bounce rate?


The bounce rate is the number of targets for whom we received a feedback from Apple or Google server compare to the total number of targets. 


Most of the time, this means that the user has uninstalled the app.

On Android, this might also be a conflict between your Google API Key and your application senderID.


As a reminder, from the interface sending, we only target users with feedback (=bounce) less than 3.



If you're getting a high bounce, this might be due to some reasons:


1. Your users database did not receive any message for a long period of time:

If you did not send push notifications for several weeks or months, the bounce rate could be higher than usual after sending your notification. Please note that during this period of time, some users may have uninstalled your application. Therefore, all those users will receive a bounce for the provider and the result could be unexpected if you're not aware of that.


This could last for at least 3 sendings in order to "clean" your users database. From the 4th sending, users with 3 bounces won't be targeted anymore.

In order to avoid that, please regularly send notifications to your database.


2. Sending a notification on "ALL" segment:

This one could be related to the first reason. Indeed if usually you're sending notification to a specific segment, then you change your targeting for "ALL" segment, that will target users who are not usually targeted.


3. Using the Send Instant Message API:

If you're using our API to send notifications, you'll target the users you've chosen. Unlikely to the interface sending, our system won't filter targets with feedback less than 3. In this case, if you send 10 notifications to a user who uninstalled the application using our API, we will get 10 feedbacks for this user.
In order to avoid that, we suggest you to filter targets on your side, otherwise your bounce rate could be high if you decide to not remove users who uninstalled the app.


4. Specific to Android - Conflict between SenderId and Google API Key:

If your Google API Key and your application senderId are not linked, tokens that will be generated by Google won't be valid.

Therefore, Google will send us a bounce for every user with a bad token. This could be checked by sending you a test notification : if the message has well been sent but you did not receive it.

We highly recommend testing this before uploading your application on the PlayStore.
In order to fix this, please check your Android integration.

As a reminder, this could not be the case for iOS.


5. Sending notifications on inactive users:

If you're targeting users who did not opened the application for a specific period of time, you may have higher bounce rate than usual. This is normal since those users might have uninstalled the application since they are inactive.


If you think that your bounce rate is high for another reason that these ones, please contact our support via this form 

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