Advanced Statistics - Visual Statistics

 To access the advanced statistics, click on “Statistics” > “Advanced stats - Beta”

This page contains different parts: 

  • Visual statistics

  • Push detailed statistics

  • In-app detailed statistics

  • Scheduled alarm detailed statistics



This displays the statistics of your messages through different graphs.

Filters and customization

The default view displays the statistics of your Push messages and In-app for the last 24 hours. 

This view can be customized by using this icon.


You can display your statistics based on different filters such as:

  • Time Period: allows you to indicate the period you want to look at statistics for. Default periods are available but you can choose a custom one. Data are available by hours, days, weeks or months. 

  • On applications: allows you to select which applications you want statistics for.

  • View by: allows you to choose which granularity to use when displaying your statistics. 

  • Specific events: allows you to display statistics based on a specific event that has been done by your users.


Create a custom view

To create your own custom view, please follow those steps:

  • Select the filters and save the view by clicking on:

  • Indicate the name you want for your view and validate 


Your custom view has now been saved and is selectable through the dropdown menu. 



The way that graphs are displayed can also be customized, to do so:

  • Click on the icon available on the following place: 

  • Select the display you want and click on “OK”


Edit graph’s indicators

You can edit the indicators displayed for each graph: 

  • To do so, click on the icon available in the top right corner of each graph

  • Select the indicators you want by using the available dropdown menu 



You can select up to 3 different indicators for each axis. If you reached the limit for a graph you can: 1/ delete one or several indicators, 2/ choose to create a new graph.


Overall statistics

Overall statistics are displayed for the selected time period. 

The definition of each indicator is available through the tooltip “?" displayed next to each of indicator:



If you have any other questions on this topic, feel free to reach out to our support via this form.


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