Mobile : Display your in-app on a specific page of your application

If you want to display your message on a specific page of your application in an in-app campaign, you can do it using Views. 

Views determine the different pages of your application. This can be for instance your homepage, the user profile, or the shopping cart page.


Before you can use them in your in-app programming, you have to declare Views in advance in your application. 

Please find below our technical documentation for both OS: IOS & Android.


Following the integration of the Views in your application, you will have to declare them in the interface. 

The declaration of Views is the same for both OS :


To do so, you will have to go to Settings > Settings > Views 

By clicking on the icon with the plus sign you will be able to add your View by adding the name of this one but also the associated value in the application : 

Regarding the "Value" field, please contact your technical team so that they can communicate it to you.


Once these two actions have been completed you will be able to use the Views in your in-app programming.

In the in-app form, you can determine the View(s) where your in-app will be displayed :

You can also determine exclusion pages, to not display the in-app on some View(s) by clicking on "Add exclusion".

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