Update a Custom field when a url scheme is called

If you need to update custom information in the Accengage Device base is case a URL scheme is called after a campaign, we have a method that enable you to directly add a tracker in the URL scheme in order to update the user data. 


This will prevent you from updating the integration and re-submit the app on the Store.


Here are example of use cases where it can be interested :

- You want to track users who did not see the official optin permission on iOS

- You can to ask your users to register to specific campaigns within an inapp campaign

- The URL scheme activates a voucher


Here is how it works:

1- Build a Json of the fields & value you want to update.

ex: {"ID_member":"123A","email":"toto@gmail.com"}

       > ID_member and email being the database names of custom fields existing in the Accengage Database for this app

       > 123A and toto@gmail.com being the values to insert for the mentioned fields.


2- Encode this JSON in URL, here is an example of website to do so.

ex: %7B%22ID_member%22%3A%22123A%22%2C%22email%22%3A%22toto%40gmail.com%22%7D


3- Add the method ?bma4sudi={encoded-json} to your URL scheme

ex: app://my-url-scheme?bma4sudi=%7B%22ID_member%22%3A%22123A%22%2C%22email%22%3A%22toto%40gmail.com%22%7D



  • Your SDK version must be compatible with this method:
    • 5.3 or higher on iOS
    • 3.2 or higher on Android
  • Your URL scheme must be whitelisted in the app.
  • The custom fields need to be declared on Accengage for this app
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