Tutorial : How To Use Our Test Tools On Our Dashboard?

Please find below the process to use our test tool available on the dashboard.


To access the section, you have to be connected to our platform, go to the "Help" section and then click on Test Tools.


You will need to input your device ID or your token and then click on "Validate".

Once this is done, you will be able to switch on the various tabs in order to discover all the information about the application and your profile.


To test the recovery of your information, you just have to make the action on your device and then refresh the page. This will allow the data to be updated in our tool.



In this section ,you will find all the default information about the device.



All the Custom fields of the device profiles should be visible in this tab.


Reset your information: For test purposes, it may be useful to reset the current recorded data from your profile. It will delete the update device info values. To do so, simply click "Delete the data of this user" at the bottom left of the page and then re-validate the profile. If the information does not appear, it is probably due to a wrong integration of the tracking.



It shows the last 10 push notifications sent on the device.


Bounce: if the push notification could not be delivered because the app got uninstalled from the device, you will see bounce = 1



In this tab, it is post-clicks reactions to a push or an in-app.

The reactions display is not the same for push and in-app.


For push notifications, the data which are in our database are :
  • the message date,
  • the message ID,
  • the message title,
  • the message type.


For in-app messages, we display more criteria.

    > Banners and interstitials:

    - If no action has been made, the action will show 0, which means that the in-app was closed.

    - If an action was made on the in-app, the information will be :

  • the date,
  • the message ID,
  • the message name,
  • the message type.


    > Pop-up in-app:

    - We have all the criteria mentioned on the dashboard either the pop-up has been closed or an action has been made. That means :

  • the date,
  • the message ID,
  • the message name,
  • the type of message,
  • the ID button,
  • the button name
  • the type of action.



For the Event tab, we have several criteria, as the event date, the type of event, ie 1001, 1002 or 1003. Finally, there is also the value that is transmitted in this event.



Shows the triggers of the Purchase Event (event 50 if integrated) for this device along with the attached value of the purchase.



Shows the triggers of the Cart Event (event 30 if integrated) for this device along with the attached value of the product.



Shows the triggers of the Lead Event (event 10 if integrated) for this device along with the attached value of the action.



Shows the triggers of all the custom events (type different starting from 1001) and the value attached.


If any expected information do not appear in the Test tools, this is probably due to a problem of integration. In this case, do not hesitate to contact the Support Team by this way.

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