Web: Monitor your Opt-in rate through an analytics

If you use our Pop-in for the Web push optin, you may want to be able to monitor the Opt-in conversion in order to monitor the performance of your process.


There are two steps for the Web push opt-in, both can be monitored, but in a different way:


The Accengage Pop-in 

This only applies if you use the ShowAlert scenario to display our pop-in.


As this pop-in is displayed on your Website, you have the possibility to inject some Javascript Events on each action (buttons, cross, display).


The Landing Page


This popup is managed by Accengage directly. In order to monitor the visitor behavior on this page, we provide the AddCustomListener method. You can implement this method and add Analytics Tags on it, it will enable you to have the complete funnel of the visitor and monitor the Opt-in conversion.


Here are the available events you can monitor: 

  • "landingFeedback:optin" : triggered when the optout-to-optin landing page returns that the user has granted permission and is now optin
  • "landingFeedback:softOptout" : triggered when the user has not granted the notification permission. In this case, the user can still be optin.
  • "landingFeedback:hardOptout" : triggered when the user has denied the permission, hence he's definitely optout
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