iOS: How the development tokens are generated for an Accengage production app?

You will find below the explanation about the development token that may be generated on a production application. These can generate issues of push reception.

When an application has a development provisioning and production partners ID, a development token (instead of a production token) will be generated by Apple.

As you have integrated the production partners ID, the device profile will be created in the Accengage production database where only production token are supposed to be generated.

At each sending push, tokens are analyzed by Apple.

  • Tokens which are not related to the certificate are rejected by Apple. Thus they get a feedback (or bounce).
  • In addition, these development tokens will disturb the push reception for the following users. Indeed, a development token will block the following users in the database.

To overcome this behavior, you have to ensure that all the applications for which you integrate our production partners ID have a production provisioning.

Moreover, when we notice development tokens during a sending, we have an automatic process to purge the database the night after, and we remove the development tokens which are present in the database.

Please note that even if a purge is made and a user re-opens his/her application (with a development provisioning), a new development token will be automatically re-created for his/her profile.

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