iOS: In-app are not displayed. What could be the causes?

It could happen that sometimes in-app are not displayed on your device. It could be caused for several reasons: 

1. Verify that the .xib files of the Accengage SDK are well added to the project and to the targets. 

It is the template files which are called when you want to display a banner or an interstitial.

2. Verify that there is no lock which is integrated on the page in which you want to display the in-app.

3. Verify your in-app settings on the Accengage dashboard:

- check the capping, perhaps it has been reached already

- check that no other in-app are activated in the same time and with the same priority,

- check that your in-app landing page is well registered on the dashboard, 

4. Verify if a marketing pressure has been activated for the in-app message.

5. Verify your connection. Indeed, if your landing page is too heavy, it will take time to be uploaded on your device and a black screen will appear. 

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