Dashboard Statistics

Please, find hereunder the definitions of the KPI you can see on our dashboard. 

You will also find the ones available in application statistics history export. 





Registered profiles


This is the number of users (opt-in and opt-out) who have installed and opened the application since the Accengage SDK is integrated.

A purge is set up daily to delete inactive profiles (no opening for 1 year*)


*if you do have a specific purge, then the time before deleting the profile is based on what you asked for



Push opt-in users 


All users who agree to receive push notifications. 

In more detail, number of users meeting the following criteria:

  • System_optin_notifs different from N

  • Feedback = 0

  • Token other than "-" or "empty"



Active profiles


All users (opt-in and opt-out) who opened the application at least once in the past 30 days.



Push notifications sent  


Total number of push notifications sent in the month, to any device with feedback less than 3.



Actual Profiles


All users who have installed and opened the app since it integrated the Accengage SDK, with feedback at 0.



Opt-out profiles


Number of users who refused to receive push notifications. The opt-out state is returned when a user disables notifications via the system and restarts the application.


In more detail, number of users meeting the following criteria:

  • System_optin_notifs = N

  • Feedback = 0 




  • Feedback = 0

  • Token = “vide”






Number of users for whom distributors (APNS, GCM, ADM, WPNS, WNS...) have returned bounces when a push notification could not be transmitted to the device in question.


In this case, bounces are generally due to application uninstallation.



Active Opt-in Users


Number of active users over the last 30 days who meet the following criteria:

* System_optin_notifs différent de N

* Feedback = 0 

* Token différent de « vide »

* Last open inférieur à 30 jours



Those data are updated every 4 hours. 


If you have any other questions on this topic, feel free to reach out to our support via this fom

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