How to search for device Ids in your segments using criterion ?

Since February 2020, our UI has evolved, in order to bring more reactiveness :


  • Test segments : 
    Only Matching Keys can be included in test segments with the "equal" operator, for testing purposes.
    Matching Keys include the fields DeviceID, Token, and any indexed clientID.

  • Search section :
    Such as test segments, you can search for & display your matching Key (deviceID, clientID), in order to check that it is included in our database. This process will require the "equal" operator as well.
    Searching for devices using other criterion will want you to create a campaign segment.

It is required to create campaign segments if you need to include segmentation criterion different from your matching Keys.

A - Segment creation using fields other than matching keys : 


In order to get the volume of users compliant to your criterion, proceed with the following steps :


1 - Select the "Campaign" type for your segment

2 - Click on "Add Criterion"

3 - Select your criteria

4 - Click on "Modify this criterion"

4 - Click on "Click here to retrieve estimated segment volume" 


The estimated volume of users will be displayed.

Do not forget to save your segment ! 


Once saved, you shall be redirected to the segment list with the volume of profiles and optin users.

As mentioned, the volume of users displayed is an estimation based on your overall database.


It might occur that just a few users were retrieved by your criterion, though your user database being too important, 0 profile will be displayed.

Please note that the 0 user display on the dashboard will not impact your push deliveries.

Users will indeed receive their messages.


B - Check up device IDs in your segments :


In order to ensure that users are included or if you need to check up all the device IDs in the segment, click on the "export" icon under the "Actions" column.


Your segment will be exported into a CSV file with all users' information.

To retrieve your CSV file, go to the Targeting tab > Export Targets


Please feel free to reach out to our Support team if you have any additional questions.





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