How to create a new profile in Accengage dashboard

Admin profiles have the possibility to create new profiles for colleagues who need to access the Accengage dashboard.

You could generate a new account from our interface in few seconds by following the steps below. 


1. Open your Accengage dashboard and go in the Administration tab > Manage profile. 

On this page, you will have a button in order to generate a new profile. 


2. Complete your profile with your co-worker name, company name, and email address. An email will be sent to the user to initialize his password.


Then, you have to select the dashboard language and application(s) your co-worker will have access to. You could give him access only to specific applications. You have also to attribute a role to the profile (Marketing, Developer, Marketing, Statistics, Push web or Facebook Messenger). The appropriate rights will be attributed according to the selected role.

You'll find the definition of all the rights in this article

 Then, select your time zone and generate an API key if needed. 


3. Save the profile and ask your co-worker to check his email box. He should have received it from With this email, he will be able to generate his own password and then access to Accengage dashboard. This message could arrive in your spam inbox, don't hesitate to check it.



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