Add content to your click to mail actions

When using a click-to-mail action in an in-app campaign, you may want to profile the content of the mail depending on your use case. You can also add dynamic content, it can be useful to pre-fill a clientId or an application version.


Here is an example of mail to be pre-filled with a static Object and a dynamic values based on the Accengage user information:


URL building

Here is the format you need to use to build your click-to-mail action within the Accengage form : {mail}?subject={subject}&body={body}

  • mail : the mail you want to input as receptor of the mail
  • subject : the title of the mail, it needs to be encoded in url format
  • body : the content of the mail, it needs to be encoded in url format


Url encodage

In order to be correctly formatted in the mail, your parameters need to be encoded in URL format. Here is an example of Website that can encode your content.

Below are common code you can use : 

Content Code
Space %20
Line break %0A
/ %2F
: %3A




1- Object :

> Subject :    Client Feedback app

> Encoded :  Client%20Feedback%20app


2- Content : 

> Body : 

Id client : ${clientid}
App version : ${bundleversion}
Your feedback :


> Encoded : Id%20client%20%3A%20${clientid}%0AApp%20version%20%3A%20${bundleversion}%0AYour%20feedback%20%3A%20%0A

Important : The dynamic field ${field-name} cannot be encoded in order to be correctly treated.


3- Final URL :${clientid}%0AApp%20version%20%3A%20${bundleversion}%0AYour%20feedback%20%3A%20%0A

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